Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee at the Department of P.E. and Sport Sciences aims to support researchers and teaching staff in order to improve their research protocols and satisfy the experimentation demands of international funding organizations, following ethical practices. The Committee also issues any certification researchers need for research proposals submission or research paper publication. The process follows the international practices as well as the demands of the scientific journals. It should be noted that research projects resulting from international and national research collaborations must secure the approval of the Ethics Committee before commencement.

The committee convenes bimonthly and decides, given that all necessary forms have been submitted on time, for the appropriateness of the proposed research study. If necessary, on certain instances the committee may request assistance from independent experts.

For more general information on academic ethics refer to the University of Thessaly’s Code of Ethics.

Contact the Ethics Committee
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Application Form
Proposal Template
Informed Consent Template
Ethics Problems in Scientific Papers


Proposal submission dates Committee meeting date
25/09/19 02/10/19
20/11/19 04/12/19
22/01/20 05/02/20
18/03/20 02/04/20
20/05/20 03/06/20
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